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Kare Youth League
K-6th Grade Boys and Girls

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What is Kare

Kare Youth League is the premier program for youth since 1931. Kare's year-round sports include football, volleyball, cheer & dance, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and track. Click here to learn more about our program!

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Come be a part of the action! We offer programs for boys and girls kindergarten through sixth grade. Children make friends that can last a lifetime as they transition from sport to sport with the same teammates and experienced leader.

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Stay up to date with all of our nonstop action! You can find team newsletters, read about last week's amazing games, see your team standings and much more.

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Keep your family organized with Kare's online game schedule. Search the calendar by Division and view by Agenda, Day, Month or Week.

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All KYL football coaches are certified Heads Up Coaches through USA Football.

News & Events
Kare Calendar
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News & Events

Football and Volleyball Camps

Saturday night, August 20, 2016 6:00 - 9:00 p.m (registration begins at 5:30) ...
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Football/Volleyball Comeback Dates

Kare enters its ‘vacation period’ after the track meet. There are no activities from July 22-August 14 for all teams ...
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2016 Pre-Track Flyer (1)-thumbnail

Run to Win at the KYL Track Meet

The Kare Track Meet will be held on Thursday, July 21 starting at 7:00 PM. The Meet will be held ...
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Summer Camps are here!

SIGN UP FOR CAMP TODAY! GREAT START – Adventurous Journey Friday, June 17 ($47) C & B DIVISIONS – Adventurous ...
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KYL Goes to the Angel Game on June 12.

Kare Youth League will be taking SoccerFest sellers of $275 or more to attend the Angels vs. Twins baseball game ...
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Kare Calendar
Recent KYL Photos

KYL-FINAL (H)(White)
  • The premier program for youth since 1931
  • Fulfilling the desires of boys and girls with athletics, music, crafts and outings
  • Offering camps, excursions and nationwide tours
  • Providing educational and vocational opportunities through Pearl Prep, Rio Hondo Prep and Summer Trips
  • Challenging youth physically, mentally & spiritually

The Kare Youth League Promise

I promise by the strength of Christ to be brave, pure and true. I will fulfill my duties at school, home and club; do my part in Kare Youth League activities, keep all dates and promises and read at least one verse in the Bible daily.

The Kare Youth League Laws

  • A Kare Youth League member is brave. He/she will not shun duty. He/she realizes that bravery in standing for the right is greater than mere physical strength. Coaxing of friends and jeers of enemies cannot persuade him/her to do wrong.
  • A Kare Youth League member is pure in body, mind, speech and conduct. He/she will not defile his/her body with tobacco, liquor, or other harmful habits. Because he/she keeps his/her mind pure, his/her speech and conduct will also be pure and he/she will choose to go with a clean crowd.
  • A Kare Youth League member is true to himself/herself, to parents, to all leaders, and to God. He/she will not lie, steal, cheat or gamble. He/she will honor his/her parents and be respectful to those in authority. He/she is reverent toward God.

"Our purpose is to provide a wholesome environment where a child can grow, make choices,
develop character, build confidence, and shape his or her future."

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I promise by the strength of Christ to be Brave, Pure & True.