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Kare Youth League is now open for baseball and softball activities! All members will need to sign the following two forms in order to participate:

Although we can't play games yet according to the LA County Public Health Guidelines, we are still very excited to get back out there! Activities will consist of training, conditioning and skills-building activities. Younger children will come once per week and our older children will come twice per week. Please refer to the schedule below to see when you should come!



Royal Friends (Pre-K & K) – 9:00 Saturday

D-3 (1st & 2nd Grade) – 4:45 Wednesday

D-2 (3rd & 4th Grade) – 4:30 – Mon. & Wed.

D-1 (5th & 6th Grade) – 4:15 & 5:30 – Mon. & Wed. (at Rio)


Great Start (Pre-K & K) – 9:30 Saturday

C Division (1st Grade) – 4:30 Thursday

B Division (2nd Grade) – 4:30 Tuesday & Friday

A Division (3rd Grade) – 5:45 Tuesday & Friday

AA Division (4th Grade) – 5:15 Tuesday & Friday

Pac 12 (5th & 6th Grade) – 5:45 Mon. & Thurs.


1417 Arrow Hwy, Irwindale, CA 91706



Royal Friends (Pre-K & K) – 9:00 Saturday

D-3 (1st & 2nd Grade) – 10:00 Saturday

D-2 (3rd & 4th Grade) – 4:15 – Mon. & Wed.

D-1 (5th & 6th Grade) – 4:15 – Mon. & Wed.


Great Start (Pre-K & K) – 9:00 Saturday

C Division (1st Grade) – 4:15 Thursday

B Division (2nd Grade) – 4:15 Tuesday & Thursday

A Division (3rd Grade) – 5:30 Tuesday & Friday

AA Division (4th Grade) – 4:15 Tuesday & Friday

Pac 12 (5th & 6th Grade)– 4:15 or possible 5:15 Mon. & Thurs.


735 N Glendora Ave, Covina, CA 91724



Royal Friends (Pre-K & K) – 9:00 Saturday

D-3 (1st & 2nd Grade) – 10:30 Saturday

D-2 (3rd & 4th Grade) – 4:30 – Mon. & Fri.

D-1 (5th & 6th Grade) – 5:45 – Tues. & Fri.


Great Start (Pre-K & K) – 10:30 Saturday

C Division (1st Grade)– 9:00 Saturday

B Division (2nd Grade) – 4:30 Wed. & Thurs.

A Division (3rd & 4th Grade) – 5:45 Mon. & Wed.

Pac 12 (5th & 6th Grade) – 5:45 Mon. & Thurs.



800 W Arrow Hwy, Upland, CA 91786

Youth Sports for Boys and Girls

Kare Youth League is open to boys and girls, Pre-K to 6th grade. Our mission is to instill Judeo-Christian principles through team sports and activities. By providing members an opportunity to make good decisions in a positive team environment, Kare programs promote strong values so children grow up to be responsible adults, faithful to their families, employers, society and God.

Become a Child Sponsor!

Nearly one out of every five children in Kare relies on financial assistance to participate. Find out how you can help by clicking the link below:

KYL Information Video

  • The premier program for youth since 1931
  • Fulfilling the desires of boys and girls with athletics, music, crafts & outings
  • Offering camps, excursions and nationwide tours
  • Providing educational and vocational opportunities through Pearl Prep, Rio Hondo Prep and Summer Trips
  • Challenging youth physically, mentally & spiritually

The Kare Youth League Laws

A Kare Youth League member is brave. He/she will not shun duty. He/she realizes that bravery in standing for the right is greater than mere physical strength. Coaxing of friends and jeers of enemies cannot persuade him/her to do wrong.

A Kare Youth League member is pure in body, mind, speech and conduct. He/she will not defile his/her body with tobacco, liquor, or other harmful habits. Because he/she keeps his/her mind pure, his/her speech and conduct will also be pure and he/she will choose to go with a clean crowd.

A Kare Youth League member is true to himself/herself, to parents, to all leaders, and to God. He/she will not lie, steal, cheat or gamble. He/she will honor his/her parents and be respectful to those in authority. He/she is reverent toward God.

The Kare Youth League Promise

I promise by the strength of Christ to be brave, pure and true. I will fulfill my duties at school, home and club; do my part in Kare Youth League activities, keep all dates and promises and read at least one verse in the Bible daily.