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Archive for November 2009

Tar Heel Times 11-17-09

Arredondo Leaves Shoe and Noles Behind

Aalias Williams opened up the game with a 15 yard KO return. Cuda would score first for the Heels on a broken play from 15 yards out. The Seminoles would begin their attack after the failed extra point. After 5 plays Arredondo snuck in, snatched the ball from the QB and sprinted untouched into the endzone. This time Cisneros’ kick would be good.  The Noles would once again take over on downs and begin their march down the field. The Heel defense came out ready to play as Billy Hennessy picked off a pass to give the Heels the ball back.  Daniel Arredondo managed to run right out of his shoe on his run up the middle to get into the endzone on a 25 yarder. Jacob Lyons blasted a kick 30 ft over the goal post for the extra point. Lyons would then blast the 2nd half opening kickoff all the way into the endzone. Eventually the Noles managed to score. Josh Mora grabbed some air-time as he blocked the extra point.  The Noles then found some life and stopped the heels on their next set of downs forcing a punt. Lyons blasted it down to the 5 yards line and the Heel defense stopped the Seminoles in their tracks. Robby Reyes finished off the Heel attack with a 5 yard carry followed by Josh Mora with a 4 yard pickup. The Heels will face off against their archnemesis the Bulldogs. Although they are the 4th place team, the Heels better come out ready to play!

Tar Heel C/B’s Secure Playoff Berth

In a battle to enter the playoffs, the Heels came out ready to play! Jared Rosa set the stage with a beautiful hand-off to Fernando Morgan, who swept 34 yards down the sideline for the 6 points. The Heels failed to punch the extra point in, and the Noles would take over on downs. The Heel defense rallied behind nose guard, Abraham Almodovar who downed 5 Noles. Morgan dominated the middle of the field also with 5 tackles on the day. Gavin Lovejoy, Richard Arteaga and Jonathan Canchola helped to secure the defense with 2 tackles a piece. Aydan Cisneros, Max Sanchez, Moses Lujan, Noah Sandoval and Steven Murguia each added 1 tackle to the leader board. The Heels would stop the Seminoles on the 3 yard line just shy of the goal line.   Jonathan Canchola took control and with no time on the clock would run the ball 33 yards into the endzone . Steven Murguia would storm into action in the second half to add 6 more points to the scoreboard on his 25 yard powerplay up the middle. The Heels look to play the Georgia Bulldogs at 1:45 in Arcadia for the first round of the playoffs.

The Tarheel Times B’s 11-17-09

Future Bowl Schedule


Tuesday night football comes to Kare Youth League Selected boys from every Kare Youth League team will get together at Kare/Arcadia on the evening of November 10 for some hard-hitting action at the annual Future Bowl.
The West is looking to end the East’s dominance of the event. The East has not lost a Future Bowl since 1992 – a streak of 15 years. The East’s record over that span is 57-19-5.

The Future Bowl is a series of games, one for each division, matching combined teams from Kare’s Eastern Conference (those who play home games in Covina and Upland) against combined teams from the Western Conference (those based in Arcadia). Future Bowl rosters are comprised of  those who have been the most loyal throughout the season and have the best overall football statistics. In conjunction with the Future Bowl the Pac-5 will play a couple of East/West volleyball games and the Royal Friends will perform at 6:30.

Future Bowl Schedule    
B Division 6:00 A-1b
A/AA Division 7:00 A-1b
A Division 4:00 A-1
AA Division 5:15 A-1
AAA Division 6:30 A-1
Pac-10 8:00 A-1
East/West Volleyball    
Pac-5 (A) 7:00 Pav
Pac-5 (B) 6:00 Pav
* The Royal Friends perform at 6:30    

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Tarheel Times 11-7-09

Bulldog C/B’s Bully the Tar Heels

The Bulldogs launched an attack against the Tar Heels as they returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Moses Lujan came up big to stop the extra point, but the Heels were now down 0-6. Fernando Morgan opened up the game for the Heels with a nice kickoff return of our own. Jonathan Canchola shattered the bulldog defense and scored from 20 yards out to tie the score. Gavin Lovejoy was stopped short on the extra point attempt and the Heels would kickoff…

B’s Remain Undefeated… Barely!

The Heels would start the game on offense. Jake Hernandez blazed through the line on a nice 5 yard gain. The Bulldogs battled back and broke up the next few plays. Arredondo scooted around the end on a 3 yard gain, followed by Cuda for 4 yards on a broken play. Aalias Williams ran hard for 5, and then Bill Hennessy picked up a couple. A near fumble, followed by Caden Thomas around the end would end the series and the Bulldogs would take over on downs….

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The Tar Heel Times 11-7-09