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Archive for November 2010

Playoff Schedule

The Interleaguer will be out on Monday, November 29 with the playoff game schedule. The schedule is dependent on the Rio Hondo Prep Varsity football team’s playoff schedule. Rio is in a second round playoff game against Boron on Friday night. We will be able to finalize the Kare playoff schedule once this game is decided. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tar Heel C’s Look to Go All the Way!

After a strong season the Tar Heel C’s are now just two victories away from a trophy! This has been an incredible season so far. The Heels have scored over 80 points on the season and are looking to add a few more touchdowns going into the playoffs. Their running game has accrued over 360 yards, averaging more than 58 yards per game. The Heels possess a balanced running attack with 8 different runners scoring throughout the year. Defensively, they have combined for 75 tackles on the year sacking the quarterback more than 10 times. 

The Heels offense will look to  their lead runners Ivan Barragan, Sammy Ghandour, Nelson Sawyer and Ocean Saavedra to lead the attack. They have each posted double digit gains during their runs this season and will be instrumental in a Tar Heel victory. The super slick and quick runners Cole Sebert and Rocky Valasco need to get their engines primed for blast off to keep the Heels running game alive.

Tim Bass better come ready to play as well. The Heels will need his O-Line and D-Line experience to win the trench wars these next two weeks.

The Tar Heel secondary consisting of Andon Wilson, Alan Pinedo Ashton Ceballos, Canyon Smith, Jackson Castillo and Aydan Cisneros better be ready to play just in case those Seminoles try to break away. Andon Wilson’s game winning “popper stopper” hit a few weeks back will come in handy if those Seminoles try to cross the goal line this week. 

Skylar Davis, who missed a few weeks ago due to a head injury, better have his head in the game this week – the Heels are going to need him! They will be looking for Davis to pick up some major yardage on his runs and blow huge holes in the line from his O-Line position. The Heels are also looking to Canyon Smith and Nathan Alvarez to work hard in the trenches as they pave the road for Tar Heel runners to follow.

The Seminoles better look out this week for Barragan, Sawyer, Saavedra and Ghandour who have dominated the middle of the field throughout the season, pulling down over 40 tackles between them. 

If the Heels have one area of weakness, it would have to be their kicking game. They have yet to complete a field goal this year. The Heels hope to find the answer to this and bring home the trophy in this year’s C division championship!

Kare Youth League 5K Results

Final Results in: 5K Big Success

The final totals are in and The Kare Youth League 5K exceeded expectations. Kare alumni Sergio Gonzalez won the event. The 16 year old came through in a time of 15:25. The fastest female was 23 year old Emily Smith. RHP Middle School Coach Will Torrico was the quickest male staff member and his sister Carola the quickest female staff member. Richard Alvarez was the fastest Kare Youth League dad and Susan Reedy (#84 above) was the fastest Kare Youth League mom.

Look below for your individual times:

Download (PDF, 179KB)

Download (PDF, 187KB)

2010 Future Bowl Rosters

East streak on the line at Future Bowl

The gridiron squads from the East have not lost a Future Bowl since 1992 and will try to keep it going at the 2010 Future Bowl the night of Wednesday, November 10 at Kare/Arcadia.  Since the West last won in ‘92, the East has won 11 times, the two sides have tied three times, and the event has been rained out three times. Kare went to the East/West format in 1989 and the West proceeded to win the first four matchups through 1992. That leaves the overall series at East: 11 wins, West: 4 wins, plus the three ties and three rain outs. The Future Bowl is a series of games, one for each division, matching combined teams from Kare’s Eastern Conference (those who play home games at Covina and Upland) against combined teams from the Western Conference (those based in Arcadia. Future Bowl rosters are comprised of those who have been the most loyal throughout the season and have the best overall football statistics. Please notice in the B Division that the Wilddogs are playing with North Carolina and the Falcons are playing with Florida St. because of numbers.

Download (PDF, 25KB)

Download (PDF, 25KB)