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Archive for February 2011

East/West Duel at Future Classic

Selected players from the older divisions of Kare Youth League will compete for East/West hoops supremacy at the Future Classic February 26 and March 5 in Arcadia. The competition level at the Future Classic is always high. Since Kare went to the East/West format in 1989 the East has won just one more time than the West.  The Classic is a series of games pitting teams from Covina & Upland against teams from Arcadia. Players earn a spot on the roster based on their attendance and performance through the first part of the season. The games start at twilight and continue through the evening. Check below for your divisions game time.

Future Classic Schedule

Girls’ Divisions – February 26 (Arcadia)

Karenas (A) 7:00  A-4
Karenas (B) 6:00  A-4
Pac-5 (A) 7:00 A-3
Pac-5 (B) 6:00  A-3
Boys’ Divisions – March 5 (Arcadia)

AA-1 5:00 A-4
AA 6:00 A-4
A-1 7:00  A-4
A 8:00  A-4
AAA-1 5:00 A-3
AAA 6:00  A-3
Pac-10 (B) 7:00 A-3
Pac-10 (A) 8:00 A-3

The Games in red were changed from the original schedule because of a playoff game in the A Division.