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Kare Youth League Circus and Family Fair

Friday, June 3 – Saturday, June 4

The Annual Kare Youth League Circus is widely recognized as the best family entertainment value in Southern California. In addition to the incredible Circus and Show featuring circus acts from around the world, there are games, good food, a petting zoo, rock climbing and a host of fun activities children and families love to do… and all priced for the family budget.

This is our 59th annual Circus! This year’s Circus will feature the Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats. Check out some cool videos of them and other information about our circus on our website at:


Parent Help Needed!

The Kare Youth League Circus and Family Fair is successful year in and year out due in large part to the many hours given by Kare parents. We couldn’t do it without you. Once again parents will be counted on to work in one of the 40 food or game booths at this year’s Circus June 3 and 4 at the world famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena. The midway will be decked out in Hawaiin decor and we hope everyone can get into the Aloha spirit. Every Kare family has an assigned booth. Most parents find that working at the Circus is both fun and rewarding. Families are asked to work for at least one three hour shift on either Friday or Saturday. A booth representative will contact you sometime in the next couple weeks about your assignment.

Circus Ticket Alert!

All members (except the D's and Royal Friends)
are required to
sell a total of $150 worth of tickets.

This can be done in any combination of child and adult tickets. Each book of tickets contains 25 child tickets and 25 adult tickets. The cost for the tickets are $5.00 for children ages 3-12, $10.00 for 13 years and older and no charge for preschool.

There are a bunch of really cool prizes you can earn as you sell your tickets. Turn your money into the Russell office and you can win candy draws, play the Big Spin game, earn Dodger game tickets, gift certificates to Toys ‘R Us and much more. Check out the prize paper in your envelope for a complete list of prizes. My personal favorite is the Friday and Saturday FREE PASS for the Circus. Free food, games and prizes all day long!!!!

Circus Notes

  • Remember all Kare members who do not meet their quota will have to make up the difference in cash. No worries though, because you still have time to sell – you can do it!
  • The “Partner Group” plan has worked great for those who have tried it. If you’re looking for an easy way to sell a lot of tickets give it a try!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”
  • Selling at stores can work but it is even easier to sell to neighbors and relatives.
  • Get your dentist and/or doctor involved by selling some to them.


Kare’s Circus is in just 7 days!!!

The circus is just a week away! How is the ticket selling going? We need every member to reach their quota before the big day in order to reach our goal! Thanks for all your help… We couldn’t do it without you!


Contact Info


Arcadia Center

5150 Farna Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91006
Phone: 626.442.1160
Fax: 626.442.1113

(Directions to Arcadia)

In April of 1952, Kare Youth League’s founder, Orrick Hampton, was determined to find land for his boys to play on. He knew he needed some land of his own to truly help the boys and girls in the community. But how could the Boys’ Christian League ever afford land of its own? In his search for land, Orrick came across Clifford Marshburn, who was also interested in helping boys and girls, thus forming a partnership that would give birth to Kare’s Arcadia facility. It was the Marshburn family that offered a lease of the four acres of riverbed in southern Arcadia to Boys’ Christian League at a mere $10.00 per year with an option to purchase for an appraised value.

The development of Kare’s Arcadia facility took years of hard work as members, parents and friends of the organization donated their time and resources to develop a facility for children. One remarked, “It was the only place in the world where one had to pay to work.” Such was the humor as they gave willingly of all they could.

The Marshburn’s parcel of land gave the children hope. But alone it would not suffice. The Southern California Water Company generously allowed the league use of an acre and a half of its land running alongside the Marshburn land, an offer that still stands to this day! In 1959 the league purchased another parcel of land from the city of Arcadia, which today is home to Hampton Hall, Karelon Hall and the American Savings Pavilion. The Los Angeles Flood Control District was also cooperative in working out the purchase of two parcels in 1972 and 1977 along with the lease of a third parcel in 1992 to give room for parking.

Since its conception in 1952, Kare Youth League’s Arcadia facility has become a center of activity for boys and girls of all ages. Today, Kare utilizes every inch of property to meet the challenge of a year round program. The facility currently consists of four fields which are converted throughout the year to accommodate football, baseball and soccer, along with five outdoor basketball courts and one gymnasium. Kare’s bus fleet, which provides transportation to and from activities is stationed in Arcadia. The Rio Hondo Prep campus is located there as well with Pearl Prep Elementary nearby. This property has been the heart of the Kare Youth League program since 1952 thanks to the support of all who have given over the years.


Covina Center

Kahler Russell Park
735 Glendora Ave.
Covina, CA 91724
Phone: 626.442.1160
Fax: 626.442.1113

(Directions to Covina)

Located eleven miles east of Kare’s Arcadia facility, lies Kahler Russell Park, our Eastern facility in the city of Covina. This park serves the communities of Covina, West Covina, Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, La Puente, Diamond Bar, Pomona, and more. Members from as far away as Rancho Cucamonga and Newport Beach make the trek twice and sometimes three times a week to attend their practices and games at Kare Youth League.

During the mid 1980s a group of experienced young leaders answered the challenge to begin new teams in Kare Youth League in an effort to expand the program and reach more children in the community. The Gators, Tigers and Cardinals were formed and found a home in an abandoned park known as Wingate Park in the city of Covina.

The city of Covina and Kare Youth League reached an agreement for a twenty year lease for the eastern and more useable section. The city would provide the water and trash service. Kare Youth League would reactivate the sprinklers, fertilize, water and mow the lawns, maintain the cleanliness of the park and construct needed facilities.

Neighbors responded enthusiastically to the reclaiming of Wingate Park. They heartily applauded the young men and women who worked with children every afternoon, and commended their exemplary wholesome moral conduct.

Kare Youth League constructed the necessary athletic facilities, stretched the needed fencing, laid underground pipe for electrical needs and brought in a building for office and club rooms. A cemented area for basketball courts was poured with many donations from local companies.

During the late 1990s the city of Covina temporarily closed the park to complete some renovations of its own. A nature trail was created along the stream running adjacent to the fields, hockey rinks were built and new basketball courts replaced Kare’s existing courts.

Kare added to the park’s renovation with a five room multi-purpose building to house Kare’s Eastern teams.

The development of Wingate Park proves that a partnership between Kare Youth League and a city can succeed. The relationship between the city of Covina and Kare has been a tremendous benefit to the community, who would have lost the open space to housing developments if it were not for Kare leaders.

Kare looks forward to partnering with many more cities in an effort to expand its program and reach more children in our community.







Upland Center

Pacific Christian Center
800 West Arrow Highway Upland, CA 91786
Phone: 909-957-5273


(Directions to Upland)

Kare Youth League is proud to announce the start of a new program in the city of Upland. This program began on Saturday, January 21, 2006 with 50 boys and girls in attendance. The basketball program is currently being offered to boys and girls in K-4th grade.


Pearl Prep Hosts Nationally-acclaimed “Camp Invention”

All children are invited to an extraordinary educational opportunity this summer. Pearl Prep is hosting a week-long creative adventure called “Camp Invention”, which offers boys and girls entering grades 1-6 engaging, hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering and math. Each day, children rotate through five integrated modules that employ creative thinking to solve real-world challenges. It’s an experience your child will never forget!

June 27 – July 1
9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Pearl Prep
10900 Mulhall St.
El Monte, CA 91731

Register Today:
Call: 800-968-4332



Rio Hondo Prep Student Honored at Dodger Stadium

Hannah Martin, a senior at Rio Hondo Preparatory School and the current Student Body President, was recently awarded the Student Athlete Citizen of the Month Award at Dodger Stadium. The prestigious award was presented by Farmers Insurance Group in coordination with Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket. Hannah and High School Girls Athletic Director, Mrs. Kristy Horton, were interviewed on live television prior to the on-field presentation of a commemorative plaque. When the interviewers read the list of Hannah’s activities and the record of community service in which she has participated, they were amazed by her level of involvement, stating “You could have done half of this and received this award and many more like it.” Rio Hondo’s Principal Mrs. Leslie Orsburn remarked,“Hannah’s exceptional achievements scholastically, as well as in athletics and community service are remarkable. We’re extremely proud of her and the hundreds of students like her who to take full advantage of a Rio Hondo Prep education.”

Rio Hondo Prep, Kare Youth League’s middle school and high school is now accepting applications for fall 2011, and has a special limited time offer for current Kare Youth League members. For more information, please call RHP at 626-444-9531.


RHP Kares in Softball Playoffs


Kare Youth League assistant coaches battled it out this afternoon in the 2011 CIF Softball playoff game featuring Rio Hondo Prep vs. Pereclete. The Kares offense came alive sparked by Hayley Murphy’s homerun in the bottom of the 5th to bring them within 2 runs. Pereclete held onto their lead though and claimed the victory today. We are proud of our lady Kares!!!

Our new Gym is well under way

Progress continues on our new gym/auditorium in Arcadia. Come by and take a look at the size of this project! It’s pretty exciting around Kare right now!!!




Field 1 gets a makeover

Come check out the new look of Field 1 in Arcadia. New grass was laid out this last week after months of renovation. A new sprinkler system was installed and it looks like it will be ready to go for our summer soccer program!