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KYL Football Camp

KYL Football Camp

Friday, July 29 at Kare Field in Arcadia

It’s time to start preparing for the 2011 season! Come and get individual instruction from top KYL and RHP coaches on the fundamentals of the game – under the lights! We look forward to seeing you there!

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (registration begins at 5:45)

Cost: $25 (includes camp t-shirt, and all-you-can drink Gatorade)

Dress: athletic type shorts, cleats, t-shirt provided

Ages: 3rd through 7th (boys will compete primarily within their age group) 

Parking Lot construction continues

The small islands in the parking lot were removed yesterday to make room for a bigger and better entrance to Kare. The construction will continue throughout the end of the summer. We are excited to see the new layout completed for the next school year.


Time for a new parking lot!

If you swing by Kare in the next month please be aware there is no parking along the entrance! We are modifying the entrance to create enough parking spots for the new building. The first set of stairs was installed today in the gym.









JH Boys Ready to Go!

The JH Boys are loading up for their 3 1/2 weeks of epic fun!!! They will fly to Milwaukee today to start their adventure!

If you would like to follow their adventure, please join our facebook group. Please note, only friends and family will be allowed to view this group page.


Two Ends Connected

The two ends of the gym were finally connected this week as the final cross beam was put into place. Looks like the fireproofing is about done in the locker room side of the building. Doorways and window frames are being installed along with the wall studs. Great work this past week! Please be aware that the entrance to Kare is going to undergo some major construction to get it ready for the upcoming school year. Be prepared for some traffic delays 🙂





Kare’s Santa Fe Dam Project Featured in San Gabriel Valley Tribune

In the shadow of the Santa Fe Dam's southwest corner sits a nondescript triangle of land dotted by a few trees, some scrubby bushes and concrete rubble.

Dam keepers once lived in a home there, but the lot has been vacant since the mid-70s when the house was torn down.

If David Carson Sr. has his way, a youth sports park serving hundreds of children could soon rise in its place.

Carson, director of development for Arcadia-based Kare Youth League, said the 14-acre site will eventually feature fields for baseball, soccer and football, as well as a gymnasium for indoor sports such as basketball.

Kare Youth League, founded in East Pasadena in 1931, uses sports as an avenue to build character among the region's youth…

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