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Special Performance on Sunday, August 30 at Kare

mountzionSome of you may not realize it, but Kare Youth League does have two different church services that take place every Sunday. One takes place at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening in Rancho Cucamonga at Grace Fellowship of Alta Loma. The other takes place at the Kare Youth League in Arcadia at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. This Sunday, August 30 the two churches will come together (that means there will be no 5:00 p.m. service in Rancho) to celebrate a special group that is coming to perform all the way from Dumfries, Virginia. For almost 40 years now, Kare Youth League and Rio Hondo Prep have enjoyed an amazing fellowship with the members of First Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dumfries. Our summer tours have been stopping by the church whenever we pass their way, and church members have always taken extraordinary care of our staff and young people, providing food and lodging (including a huge fried chicken dinner), as well as friendship. Well, they have an outstanding choir, and 40 of them will be here on Sunday morning to “take over the service” and perform for us. Their pastor, Dr. Luke E. Torian, will also be speaking. After the service we will have a taco truck (hey, it’s what we do in So Cal) to give them a taste of our area. You won’t want to miss this special event.

For More information on First Mount Zion Baptist church please visit their website:

KYL Football & Volleyball Camps were a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

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History is made at Kare Youth League Saturday, August 22 some pretty epic history was made at Kare Youth League. 157 boys and 77 girls showed up for Kare’s football and volleyball camp in Arcadia. The volleyball camp was the first ever, and camp organizer, Kristy Horton, who coaches the Rio Hondo Prep High School volleyball squad, could not have been more excited, “It was a great turnout!” Likewise, the boys had an impressive group out on the gridiron. To put it in perspective, in 2014 there were 87 participants, but the 157 that came this year were a new camp record! Children received instruction in the fundamentals of the sport and also got to take part in some competitive games. Wear those t-shirts proudly!

Fall 3-2-1 Sports Drawing Tickets are here!

2015 Fall 3-2-1 Ticket 2 Front

Welcome back to Kare’s amazing sports program. We are excited that you have chosen to be a part of the action this Fall season. With the start of football and volleyball comes the beginning of the Fall 3-2-1 selling campaign. The tickets are available in the office and ready to go! The tickets are only $1.00 each and all proceeds from the sales go directly to your child’s Kare Center. For example all sales from the Tar Heel Cs will go to the development and maintenance of Kahler Russell Park in Covina. This is an amazing way for you as parent to help improve our program. Thank you so much for all your support and we can’t wait to see which Kare Center sells the most!

First prize is $300, Second Prize is $200 and Third Prize is $100. The drawing will take place at the Rio Hondo Prep football game on Friday, October 16 at halftime. Come be a part of “Kare Night” at Rio Hondo Prep and support your high school assistant leaders as they battle it out against Santa Clara on Kare Field in Arcadia.  This gives everyone plenty of time to sell and also gives more people a chance to win.

Here are the quotas for this year:

C & B Division – 40
Royal Friends – 40
A & AA Division – 50
Karenas – 45
AAA Division – 80
Pac Five (4th) – 60
Pac-12 Division – 100
Pac Five (5-6 th) – 80



Here are the quotas for this year:

Boys Teams

C & B Division – 40
A & AA Division – 50
AAA Division – 80
Pac-12 Division – 100

Girls Teams

Royal Friends – 40
Karenas – 45
Pac Five (4th) – 60
Pac Five (5-6th) – 80

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Kare Youth League offers financial assistance for registration fees to families that qualify. If you are interested you can pick up an application form at any of our three offices in Arcadia, Covina, or Upland. Financial assistance will be awarded based on need. But every member will be required to pay something.

KYL Approved Driver’s List

The following have been approved to transport KYL children.

Diana Bolinger

Greg Bolinger

Michaela Bray

Claudia Carson

Marian Carson

Mark Carson

Molly Carson

Todd Carson

David Carson, Jr.

Andy Chang

Peter Clark

A.J. Corsini

John Collins

KC Collins

Kyle Corral

Susan Coulter

Dan Davis

Dawn Davis

DeAnn Davis

Devanie Davis

Ginger Demers

Arlis Dowd

Mike Dowd

David Drain

Devon Drain

Colleen Drain

Ed Drain

Kayley Drain

Ken Drain

Maura Drain

Michelle Drain

Kim Fullerton

Marla Hampton

Corinne Heaton

Rod Heaton

Chris Horton

Christina Horton

Kristy Horton

Phil Horton

Tiffany Horton

Edwin Ixta

Harry Joe

Lindy Joe

Janet Johnson

Marsha Johnson

Randy Johnson

Rick Johnson

Valerie Johnson

Dan Kirby

DeAnn Lammers

Jay Lammers

Dan Lawrence

John Lee

Dina Loomis

Greg Loomis

Madison Loomis

Sidney Loomis

Ty Loomis

Sherry Lunney

Tim Lunney

Hannah Martin

Janet Martin

John Martin

Jeanette Martin

Steve Martin

Courtney Miller

Lori Moore

Scot Moore

Belinda Mosher

Don Mosher

Wesley Mosher

Mike Murphy

Pauline Murphy

Bill Orsburn

Leslie Orsburn

Alicia Padilla

Joe Parker

Kim Parker

Charlie Parsons

Diane Parsons

Stacie Prest

Dave Reid

Kathy Reid

Renzo Roel

Holli Shelton

Gary Shintaku

Vicky Simpson

Cyndi Smith

Jim Smith

Sandy Smith

Jason Sterris

Karah Sterris

Arthur Tashkesen

Will Torrico

Vernon Wickstrom

Scott Wideman

Kare Shares

We would love to hear from our Kare Community. Take a minute to share with us some of your fondest Kare memories. Were you in Boys or Girls Christian League? What was your favorite sport and who was your coach? What cool outings or camps did you attend? Did you know we still have Quiet Street! Do you still get your birthday cards? What are you doing nowadays? Come stop by a Kare facility and see if your old coach is still out there! We would love to reminisce! Share those wonderful Kare Memories in the COMMENTS section below. If you would like to send us some of your old KYL photos or videos you can send them to