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Tarheel Times 11-7-09

Bulldog C/B’s Bully the Tar Heels

The Bulldogs launched an attack against the Tar Heels as they returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Moses Lujan came up big to stop the extra point, but the Heels were now down 0-6. Fernando Morgan opened up the game for the Heels with a nice kickoff return of our own. Jonathan Canchola shattered the bulldog defense and scored from 20 yards out to tie the score. Gavin Lovejoy was stopped short on the extra point attempt and the Heels would kickoff…

B’s Remain Undefeated… Barely!

The Heels would start the game on offense. Jake Hernandez blazed through the line on a nice 5 yard gain. The Bulldogs battled back and broke up the next few plays. Arredondo scooted around the end on a 3 yard gain, followed by Cuda for 4 yards on a broken play. Aalias Williams ran hard for 5, and then Bill Hennessy picked up a couple. A near fumble, followed by Caden Thomas around the end would end the series and the Bulldogs would take over on downs….

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The Tar Heel Times 11-7-09