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Calling All Kindergartners!

Kare Youth League’s innovative program for kindergarten boys
begins October 8 at all three Kare centers.

The “Great Start”  program, which runs from 11:00-12:00 on Saturday mornings, is tailor made for kindergartners. It starts with an introductory soccer season that runs through December and continues throughout the year with basketball, and t-ball. There are also many other great activities including a day of camping. 

The easiest way to sign up is to show up at 11:00 a.m. on October 8, fill out an information form and attend a parent orientation meeting. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Greg Bolinger at (626) 442-1160, ext. 111.


KYL’s kindergarten program for girls

The organization’s kindergarten program for girls is already up and running. The “Royal Friends” meet on Saturday mornings at 9:00 at all three centers for dance, crafts and other fun activities. To sign up simply show up on a Saturday morning or contact Mrs. Maura Drain at (626) 442-1160 ext. 442.


3 ways that you can help

1) Hand out one of the colorful flyers given out to your team to a friend or neighbor who has a kindergartner. You can also pick up more in the office.

2) Put a yard sign up in your yard, especially if you live by a school or a location that kindergartners pass by.

3) Let us know if you know someone at a school that can help us get in contact with school principals so we can talk to them about the program and its benefits.