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KYL Approved Driver’s List

The following have been approved to transport KYL children.

Diana Bolinger

Greg Bolinger

Claudia Carson

Mark Carson

Molly Carson

Todd Carson

David Carson, Jr.

Andy Chang

Thomas Chau

Peter Clark

Casey Clevenger

A.J. Corsini

Cyndi Corsini

Kyle Corral

Dawn Davis

Ginger Demers

David Drain

Devon Drain

Colleen Drain

Ed Drain

Kayley Drain

Ken Drain

Maura Drain

Michelle Drain

Kim Fullerton

Randall Fullerton

Corinne Heaton

Rod Heaton

Chris Horton

Christina Horton

Kristy Horton

Phil Horton

Tiffany Horton

Edwin Ixta

Michaela Ixta

Harry Joe

Lindy Joe

Marsha Johnson

Randy Johnson

Rick Johnson

Valerie Johnson

Dan Kirby

Joelle Kirby

DeAnn Lammers

Jay Lammers

Dan Lawrence

Dina Loomis

Greg Loomis

Madison Loomis

Sidney Loomis

Ty Loomis

Tim Lunney

Janet Martin

John Martin

Jeanette Martin

Steve Martin

Courtney Miller

Lori Moore

Scot Moore

Belinda Mosher

Don Mosher

Mike Murphy

Pauline Murphy

Olivia Nambu

Leslie Orsburn

Alicia Padilla

Joe Parker

Kim Parker

Charlie Parsons

Diane Parsons

Hannah Phelps

Stacie Prest

Dave Reid

Renzo Roel

Holli Shelton

Gary Shintaku

Jim Smith

Sandy Smith

Jason Sterris

Karah Sterris

DeAnn Torrico

Will Torrico

Scott Wideman

Anya West

KYL Pac 5 Alumnae Face-Off

Time for some VOLLEYBALL!!! Calling all Pac 5 girls present and past! Would you like to play volleyball at Kare again… this is it! Come visit your old coaches and play in our Pac 5 Alumnae Face-Off. It’s going to be a fun day! Please send an email to [email protected] to let us know you are coming!14884692_10210972044477425_8878481329810485670_o

Football/Volleyball Comeback Dates

Kare enters its ‘vacation period’ after the track meet. There are no activities from July 22-August 14 for all teams. The following is a list of when each division will return for football/volleyball. Use the grade your child will be in for the upcoming school year.

24383417833_484d9f5ee6_oGirls’ Divisions

Kindergarten and 1st grade – Saturday, Sep. 10 at 9:00 AM

Karenas Arcadia – Wednesday, August 24 at 4:15 PM

Karenas Covina – Monday, August 15 at 4:15 PM

Pac-5 – Monday, August 15 at 4:15 PM



24715630150_d478f1515e_oBoys’ Divisions

Great Start – Saturday, September 24

1st Grade – Thursday, August 18 at 4:15 PM

2nd & 3rd Grade – Tuesday, August 16 at 4:15 PM

4th & 5th Grade – Wednesday, August 17 at 4:15 PM

6th & 7th Grade – Wednesday, August 17 TBA

Run to Win at the KYL Track Meet

The Kare Track Meet will be held on Thursday, July 21 starting at 7:00 PM. The Meet will be held at Charter Oak High School. Children are split up into different divisions based on their speed and ability, and will compete with children of similar speed and ability. When a child places in two events, they are “retired” for the regular events and may not win more awards until everyone in the division has won at least one award. Children are still eligible to run in the team relays at the end of the evening. Children will be competing in a variety of events, including races (100m, 50m hurdles) as well as field events (softball throw, high jump). Upon arriving, children should assemble with their division (look for your coach) on the field.

Download (PDF, 731KB)

Summer Camps are here!



GREAT START – Adventurous Journey
Friday, June 17 ($47)

C & B DIVISIONS – Adventurous Journey
Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18 ($72)

A & AA DIVISIONS – Olympics
Friday, July 8 through Sunday, July 10 ($97)

AAA & Pac 12 DIVISIONS – A Few Good Men
Sunday, June 26 through Friday, July 1 ($157)

Monday, July 11 ($47)

KARENAS – Wild West
Friday, June 24 through Sunday, June 26 ($97)

PAC FIVE – Through the Decades
Tuesday, July 12 through Sunday, July 17 ($157)


Please turn in your registration forms (below) and your fees into a Kare office today to reserve your place in our summer camp! More information about the camp can be found at

Be sure to look on the brochure below for camp departure and arrival times for our different centers.


Download (PDF, 44.38MB)

KYL Goes to the Angel Game on June 12.

Kare Youth League will be taking SoccerFest sellers of $275 or more to attend the Angels vs. Twins baseball game in Anaheim. Busses will be leaving Arcadia and Covina at 5:30 p.m. and Upland at 5:00 p.m. to attend the 7:00 p.m. game. Only those who have sold $275 or more may attend the game. If you have sold $500 or more and want to upgrade your ticket, please let your child’s leader know right away so we can purchase that for you.


KYL SoccerFest 2016 at the Rose Bowl


The Kare Youth League SoccerFest is coming on June 11th! Be sure to sell your SoccerFest tickets so you can play on the Rose Bowl grass. Here is this year’s schedule:



6:00 – Upland vs. Lions
6:30 – Grizzlies vs. Eagles
7:00 – Tigers vs. Cowboys
7:30 – Steelers vs. Colts

C DIVISION 5:15 Tournament

B DIVISION 4:20 Tournament

A DIVISION 5:55 Tournament

AA DIVISION 5:55 Tournament

AAA DIVISION 6:40 Tournament

PAC 12 DIVISION 7:20 Tournament

4:30 Arcadia vs. Arcadia
4:50 Arcadia vs. Arcadia
5:10 Covina vs. Upland
5:30 Covina vs. Upland

KARENAS 6:50 Tournament

PAC 5 “B” DIVISION 4:20 Tournament

PAC 5 “A” DIVISION 5:05 Tournament


More information is available at