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This form can be used to donate to our SoccerFest and the I'm In Program!


  1. Select the dollar amount
    Enter the dollar amount in the first box. ie: if you are purchasing 5 tickets enter $25. If you are making a contribution for the I'm In Program please select that Donation Amount.


  2. Select the frequency
    Select "One Time" for the SoccerFest. Select one of the other options to make automated contributions into the I'm In Program.


  3. Enter your information
    We would like to thank our supporters!


  4. Enter the Kare Member information
    Please include the Kare Member Name and ID of the child you would like to Sponsor. The Member ID can be found on the back of their tickets. If you don't know the ID or are not purchasing from a Member you may leave these boxes empty.


  5. Select "SoccerFest" or "I'm In"
    To support the SoccerFest select "SoccerFest." To make a contribution into our I'm In Program please select that option.


  6. Select a Kare Center
    All donations will go directly to the center of your choice!
  7. Enter your billing information


  8. Click on Send Donation


  9. Please print a receipt of your transaction