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Future Bowl Schedule


Tuesday night football comes to Kare Youth League Selected boys from every Kare Youth League team will get together at Kare/Arcadia on the evening of November 10 for some hard-hitting action at the annual Future Bowl.
The West is looking to end the East’s dominance of the event. The East has not lost a Future Bowl since 1992 – a streak of 15 years. The East’s record over that span is 57-19-5.

The Future Bowl is a series of games, one for each division, matching combined teams from Kare’s Eastern Conference (those who play home games in Covina and Upland) against combined teams from the Western Conference (those based in Arcadia). Future Bowl rosters are comprised of  those who have been the most loyal throughout the season and have the best overall football statistics. In conjunction with the Future Bowl the Pac-5 will play a couple of East/West volleyball games and the Royal Friends will perform at 6:30.

Future Bowl Schedule    
B Division 6:00 A-1b
A/AA Division 7:00 A-1b
A Division 4:00 A-1
AA Division 5:15 A-1
AAA Division 6:30 A-1
Pac-10 8:00 A-1
East/West Volleyball    
Pac-5 (A) 7:00 Pav
Pac-5 (B) 6:00 Pav
* The Royal Friends perform at 6:30    

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