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Ghandour and Sawyer Lead the Heels to Victory

  With record setting temperatures, the Heels faced the Bulldogs in a heated match. Ivan Barragan caught the opening kickoff and returned it for 6 yards, getting tripped up by our own blockers. Skylar Davis smashed through the defensive blockade for a gain of 1 on 1st down. Cole Sebert would be met hard at the line on second, bringing up Sammy Ghandour who swept around the end on a smooth 13 yard run. Nelson Sawyer would then be called in to put the Tar Heels on the scoreboard on his 9 yard sweep around the right side into the endzone. Barragan’s extra point attempt would fall short and the Heels set up to kick off to the Dogs.

 Sawyer swooped in on first down taking down the Bulldog’s tailback. Barragan hit hard on second and the Heels’ defensive campaign was on fire. But the bulldogs were able to squeak through the line somehow on third down and score a touchdown. fortunately for the Heels their extra point was no good and the score remained tied. Ocean Saavedra returned the kickoff for 2 yards and then added 16 yards on the next play around the end. But the Bulldogs stacked their safeties who were able to hunt down Saavedra on the 10 yard line ending the first half. 

 Jackson Castillo blasted a 15 yard kickoff to start the second half. Tim Bass and Sammy Ghandour sandwiched the quarterback on first down. Sammy shifted over to noseguard on second down and sacked the quarterback again on second down! The Heels defense was looking good. Sawyer would pick up the next hard hit, followed by Barragan. The Heels were able to hold the line this time and got the ball back.

 Castillo would pick up 5 yards, and Jad Jaber grabbed another 5. Alan Pinedo crashed through the line picking up 2 yards and Andon Wilson had 3. Ashton Ceballos ran hard, but the Heels were still 5 yards short for a first down. Rocky Valasco stepped in and saved the day! He stormed down the field, picking up the five yards and provided the Heels with the opportunity to score. This time Sammy Ghandour would scoop up the ball and zig/zag through the Bulldog defense into the endzone, winning the game with a score of 12-6. Congratulations Tar Heels! Let’s continue to work hard and to have fun!!!