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The Kare Youth League Circus is Coming to Town!

The annual Circus and Family Fair – Kare Youth League’s biggest event of the year – is just around the corner. The dates are Friday and Saturday, June 4 and 5 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Of course the Circus is awesome, but what really makes this event special is that all Kare families – members and parents – are involved and have a chance to show they “kare” about their organization. Members each have a quota of tickets to sell, and parents work for three hours in a booth. Tickets will be passed out to all members on Saturday. Along with meeting their sales quota, youngsters can earn great prizes, so the smart ones will get started selling right away. In an effort to be sure the workload is shared by all, each family will be assigned three hours to work in a booth. Assignments will be included along with the tickets when they are handed out. Everyone chips in for the Circus!

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