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Pearl Prep Information Night


Two hands help in the growth and development of a pearl. One is the guiding hand of a teacher who is dedicated to a child's educational and developmental well-being. The other is the hand of the parent, who provides support and plays a vital role in the ongoing learning process.

Together, these two hands form a stimulating, caring environment encouraging
the physical, mental and spiritual growth of a child.

Since the best discipline is self-discipline, students are taught responsibility and integrity at Pearl Preparatory School. Stimulus is also provided in an array of areas to help recognize, inspire and develop a child's individual strengths.

The dress code, high moral standards and Pearl's insistence that young students learn to serve, contribute further to a child's well-being and development for the future.


Comments from Parents of Pearl Students

“We really like the smaller class size! Our son is being challenged!” MB – Monrovia

“The staff is courteous and caring. Pearl Prep has an atmosphere that results in growth, academically and personally for my children. Also, thank you for no fundraisers!”
KS – El Monte

“The biggest thrill of all is to see that no stone is being left unturned to insure that every student is learning how to read.” WC – Glendora

“I’ve been very impressed with the faculty at Pearl. Each staff member is exceptional and they provide the best education because they honestly care about the success of each child. My daughter seems to enjoy school more and tries harder to learn more.”
BR – Arcadia

“There is a general air of success at Pearl.”
KG – Covina

“My children are showing great improvement in their scholastic developments just within these past 5 months of school.”
NA – Temple City

“Excellent teaching staff who are readily available to students and parents for help, information and academic guidance.”
JL – El Monte

“This is the first time that [my son] is saying that he likes school and his teacher. He has a great interest in reading and studying all the time. Now he loves to go to school. I like a school with good discipline and at the same time with love and care to guide the kids.” MT – El Monte

“Morals are stressed here!… I believe the small classroom and positive atmosphere make the difference”
MD – Arcadia