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Shedule for Monday, February 8 – Saturday, February 20

Please not that there are no games on Saturday, February 13 due to the Presidents’ Day Weekend. 

Bring your friends to KYL

The upcoming baseball/softball season presents a great time for children to join Kare Youth League. If you and your family like the Kare program, then we’d appreciate it if you would recommend us  to your friends.  The 2010 season marks Kare’s 78th year of baseball in the San Gabriel Valley. Both the baseball and softball seasons get under way in the middle of March. The best way for someone to sign up is to visit one of the KYL centers at Kare/Arcadia, Kahler Russell Park or Upland on any afternoon Kare is open, or they can call (626) 442-1160.

Preseason Preparation

 With baseball and softball practices only a few short weeks away now is the time for players to start preparing their throwing arms for the season. DON’T make the mistake of throwing “all-out” immediately. Start slow (10-15 minutes a day) and work those baseball/softball muscles into shape gradually.   Before you throw doing a few simple stretching exercises is recommended. Work your hamstring, quad and lower back muscles for the running you’ll do and take special care to loosen up arm and shoulder muscles. “Punch the ground,”  “Swing your arms in circles,” “Churn the butter,” – are all good stretches.