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Summer Camp Dates

Boys Camps
Great Start & C Division Camp - June 17 ($55)
A & B Division Camp - June 25-26 ($90)
AA Division Camp - June 24-26 ($130)
Pac-12 Boys San Diego Trip ($300)

Girls Camps
Royal Friends Camp - July 8 ($55)
D3 Girls Camp - July 9-10 ($90)
D2 Girls Camp - July 15-17 ($130)
D1 Girls Camp - July 11-15 ($210)

Camp Departure & Arrival Times


Irwindale Check in 8:00 – Covina Check in 8:00 – Upland Check in 8:30


Upland 2:00 – Covina 2:30 – Irwindale 3:00

*Times subject to change

Camp Information
  1. Registration forms and fees should be submitted to a Kare Youth League office at least two days prior to the day of departure.
  2. Camp prices include all camp fees, spending money, crafts, and snacks. No other money is needed at camp. Snowboarding and skiing at older camps is an extra charge.
  3. No radios, ipods, gameboys, cell phones, electronic gizmos,
    knives, or snacks are allowed. Do not bring valuable items to camp.
  4. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that at least one parent or representative be waiting to meet each child on his/her return. Please plan to be at your child’s return destination 15 minutes before the announced time. Some camps do return a few minutes early.
  5. Wrong clothing can ruin your trip. Waterproof pants, jacket, and gloves are highly recommended. Protect yourself from the sun with sunblock and proper eye wear such as goggles or sunglasses.
What to Bring

 1 clean change per day (shirt, underwear, socks) plus one extra
 1 extra pair of shoes
 1 extra pair of pants for every 3 days
 2 sweatshirts or sweaters
 Water bottle
 Comb or brush
 Toothbrush and toothpaste
 1 flashlight
 Soap in a container
 1 washcloth
 1 towel for every 3 days
 1 pair of pajamas
 Lip balm
 1 dirty clothes bag
 Be sure to put your name on all clothes.
 Completed Registration Form online or in KYL office
 Sleeping Bag (pillow optional)
 Medication and form given to leader (if needed)

(Only current KYL members may register for summer camps.)